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Baseball is one of America’s greatest pastimes, with teams all across the country gathering together and working hard for the love of the game. The right baseball fundraiser can make a huge difference in the quality of the overall experience for every member of the team and their families. The right baseball fundraiser can mean new uniforms, better equipment, covered expenses for away games or championships and even less out of pocket expense for individual players. Sometimes, the biggest hurdle is finding a baseball fundraiser that works, garnering participation from teams and families and bringing in worthwhile funds for the cause. That’s where our fundraising program comes in!

Here at Good Clean Fundraising, we pride ourselves on providing a new and truly unique baseball fundraiser developed around what matters most to you, saving money for your family and friends while making money for your favorite team. How do we do it? We offer a high-quality, American-made liquid laundry detergent sold in five (5) gallon buckets, which cuts costs and allows for wholesale pricing. This special per bucket price for your baseball fundraiser is a compelling reason for supporters to stock up, at up to fifty percent savings per ounce over department store buys. A Good Clean Fundraiser means supporter savings and vital money for your baseball team. Who could ask for more?

Our Baseball Fundraiser is Different

When you partner with Good Clean Fundraising for your next campaign, you’ll enjoy a truly different approach to fundraising – a difference that we believe is our biggest strength. Just how are we different? At Good Clean Fundraising, we understand that family, friends and co-workers truly do want to support you and your team; however, they shouldn’t have to purchase items they don’t need at several times the retail price to do so! That’s why, at Good Clean Fundraising, we designed a baseball fundraiser that doesn’t involve candy, candles, magazines or knick knacks that will gather dust. With our premium five gallon buckets of laundry detergent, you are providing them with a value-priced necessity – something they are going to buy anyway, at a drastically reduced price. Good Clean Fundraising makes sense for you, and for your supporters. This makes it easier for them to feel good about saying yes, and leads to higher volume sales for your team. Our liquid laundry detergent campaign also returns a greater portion of the profit margin to your team than many other fundraisers, meaning more money for what really matters.

Our Baseball Fundraiser Is Better

Good Clean Fundraising is not only different – we’re better than many fundraising programs in many ways! When you approach someone about purchasing liquid laundry detergent for your baseball fundraiser, you can rest easy knowing it is something that almost everyone will buy in the next few days one way or another. Instead of a luxury item that isn’t needed and costs too much, it’s a necessity item for nearly every household. And, for families in your school or organization, the savings offered with the five gallon bucket can really add up! At roughly $45.00 a bucket, the breakdown cost is a mere $.07/ounce. When you consider that consumers spend, on average, anywhere from $.13 to $.15 per ounce when buying in smaller bottles, the savings for friends and family participating in the band fundraiser can easily be up to fifty percent. Your baseball fundraiser can help everyone hit a home run with Good Clean Fundraising!

Of course, your baseball team will most enjoy our higher profit margins, meaning more money per dollar sold compared to many programs. When you earn a larger percent of every sale, you’ll make more money faster! There truly is no limit to the funds your baseball fundraiser can bring in for the team. With a little hard work, small groups can easily expect to make $5,000 or more, while some of our larger groups have enjoyed profits of more than $25,000 in under a month. When you partner with Good Clean Fundraising, you can set your team fundraising goals with confidence!

The players will also have access to our array of great resources and fundraiser support. We’ll provide an order form customized with your team’s logo and information, which encourages participation and gets everyone excited. Good Clean Fundraising also assists your team in the creation of a successful social networking campaign that will boost sales and spread the word in the community. Throughout the campaign, we will provide tips and tricks for encouraging participation, selling effectively and even final distribution. With a product that makes sense and complete selling support, it’s time to take your team to the next level.

Start Your Baseball Fundraiser Today!

When you team up with Good Clean Fundraising for your baseball fundraiser, there’s nothing holding you back. It’s easy to get started right away making money and hitting goals. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff will provide information and answer questions to help you kick off your fundraising campaign. Call Good Clean Fundraising today and learn more about how we can help you meet your fundraising goals!

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10.10.13 Good Clean Fundraising voted Best Fundraising Program for Schools, Churches, and Youth Athletics Organizations
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